Why Electronic Queue Management Systems Are Important

Why Electronic Queue Management Systems Are Important

Electronic Queue Management Systems have become more and more popular with time as the need for improved customer services takes center stage in the service industries. But how are such systems important to the banking industry?

Adjustment of waiting time and making waiting look purposeful

With electronic queue management systems it becomes much easier to adjust waiting time in correspondence with the importance of the offered services. Using videos, interactive communication and advertising, it becomes easier to engage the queue and get them informed at the same time.

Direction and guidance of customers

Orientation in the virtual line can be done at one’s request and registration done online. There are also dedicated terminals that allocate customers their queue positions as well as direct them on procedures. All these can be achieved via the Internet or Smartphone.

Arrival communication

It becomes easier to use an electronic queue management system to inform customers of arrivals and expected waiting times via video, e-mails or text messages. Once the customer arrives at the location of service, then a notification can be made of his/her arrival. The bonus point is that by using name, number, bar code or any other method as specified easily recognizes the customer.


Reception is also made simpler. Electronic queue management systems enables easy recognition of customers as staff can call the customer by name or a sequence number via a LCD or LED display board or voice system. The call can also be delivered over the phone or via text message.

Collection of data for statistical analysis is real time

The e-mails, text messages, videos and sounds sent are automatically tracked so that reports are easily compiled. Graphs can also be churned out easily. Aspects such as waiting times, handling times, will then be determined fast.

Forecasting future trends

Using the statistical data from an electronic queue management system, future trends can be forecasted. This helps the company in anticipating vistor flows at specific time.

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